Close up of 8 minutes 46 seconds crochet artwork

8 minutes 46 seconds​

2020,  crocheted Habu yarn
Size: 2 cm

Background to artwork:

This crochet sketch was done in honour of George Floyd. I sat and crocheted for 8 minutes 46 seconds. There was no plan or pattern it was a piece of reflective freeform crochet. 8 minutes 46 seconds is the period of time the police officer knelt on George’s neck resulting in his death. This cowardly murder was captured on video and viewed by millions of people around the world. In fact, the police officer knew he was being filmed but made no attempt to take his knee of George’s neck.


I started by making 8 chains then thought of the way George died and decided to join the chain to make a large loop because his death was a modern-day lynching. I set the timer on my phone and had to repeatedly touch the screen to stop the display from disappearing. I thought to myself like me touching the screen the police officer who murdered George had so many opportunities to take his knee off George’s neck. I continued to work in multiples of 8 because as I reflected that what stuck in my mind. As the work took shape I remembered the phrase – the only thing God collects is our tears – so shaped the work into a teardrop. ‘You have collected all my tears in your bottle.’ Psalm 56:8 New Living Translation

With a few seconds left I finished the work with 8 chains. I found it interesting that when I uploaded the video of me making the work which was 8 mins 46 sec that Instagram said it was 8 mins 44 sec ( see the video here) – fitting for this piece as they said George was resisting arrest and we know that was a blatant lie. I pray that God continues to comfort George’s family. Gianna your daddy is changing the world in front of our eyes.

Techniques used:

This artwork was produced using Habu textiles yarn gifted to me by Knitwear Designer Erika Knight. I’m not sure what the yarn is as there is no label.

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