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Link to a recording of my Interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme – 26/01/2015

My Artist Statement

Lorna Hamilton-Brown describes herself as a knitting evangelist. She strives to make work that is accessible to people outside of the gallery context. Her work is autobiographical and sometimes confessional. She combines her skills as an artist, researcher, educator, knitwear designer, performer and filmmaker to make social comment. Her work is always issue-based. She seeks to speak for the marginalised, giving people who often don’t have a voice, a voice through her art.

Lorna subverts people’s associations with knitting to engage audiences with challenging issues, such as domestic violence. Her work also the questions the lack of visibility of black knitters.  Her MA dissertation ‘Myth: Black People Don’t Knit – the importance of art and oral histories for documenting the experiences of black knitters’ was awarded a distinction and high commended by the Royal College of Art. Craft and the sharing of skills are integral to her practice.

While studying on her MA, Lorna has developed her talent for filmmaking and performance. She has given us the knitting characters Rapper Lorna H-B and Lady Yarnarella. Her film Knitting ain’t Wack was selected for the Crafts Council’s ‘Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival’ in 2017.

Lorna’s final project ‘Knitting the Blues’ is a promotional music video for Tension Birds. The humorous film explores how a person, suffering from depression and anxiety, is affected by knitting a Tension Bird. The project’s aim is to encourage people to experience the benefits of knitting for well-being.

These creatures help people explore materiality, aid community engagement, provide comfort and relieve stress. She is developing Tension Bird creation workshops and kits.

I am happy to undertake commissions so contact me today!