Freestyle Hairpin lace artwork


2020, machine knitted and crocheted acrylic, lurex, glass beads
Size: 90 x 48 cm

Background information about the artwork:

I have been exploring how you can create a Hairpin Lace crochet effect using the knitting machine.  Yes, it takes time to do – but machine knitting is a craft in its own right so I believe we should invest time in what we create.

The panels were knitted using a domestic knitting machine and crocheted as you would do hairpin lace that came of a frame/fork. I joined them together using crochet – fun to combine techniques. I love to combine different techniques see ‘I hate pink’

Close up detail of Cracked

Close up detail of the crochet hairpin lace artwork called Crack
Close up of Cracked crochet artwork

Other artwork using hairpin lace crochet:

Crest of the wave

Other artwork combining crochet and other techniques

I Hate Pink

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