Installing #thearchers knitted artwork


When installing knitted street art it is important to document the event. You put the work in place not knowing if it will be vandalised or stolen.

With this artwork the installation timing was crucial. I knew I wanted to make a statement about the domestic violence storyline in The Archers. After listening to the episode on Friday 1st April is was clear something dramatic was about to happen. I know that some followers of the Archers do not listen on weekdays instead they catchup on the whole week’s events via the omnibus edition. This is aired on Sundays at 10.00 a.m. So for maximum impact I needed to create, and get the piece up before the show started without lots of people seeing what I was doing.

Below is a video showing me installing my message to Helen Titchener.

A big thank  you to my son Indiana Hamilton-Brown for getting up early,  to shoot, and edit the film. He also created the amazing sound track.


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1 thought on “Installing #thearchers knitted artwork”

  1. This article tells an interesting story about the transfer of knitting art to the streets and the documentation of this process. The author, in particular, emphasizes that the work must be completed before it is open to the public, and a certain timing is needed for this. Also, the author’s documenting this process with a video better describes how the work is done and why it is important. This article shows the power of art and how it can contribute to the transmission of social messages.


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