Jacquard in the Green

Jacquard in the Green


2015, machine knitted acrylic
94 cm x 60 cm

For Jack in the Green 2015 in Hastings Old Town, I created and display my knitted Green Man. I called this artwork Jacquard in the green as the method of knitting is double jacquard, and is knitted in four shades of green.

The Green Man would appear to be a pagan symbol, however, there is a  tradition of the Green Man being carved on to Christian churches across Europe. For example the Seven Green Men of Nicosia in Cyprus, a series of seven green men carved in the thirteenth century on to the facade of St Nicholas Church in Nicosia. There is a rare example of a Green Man featured on a stained glass window at the Church of St Peter ad Vincula, Pennal, Gwynedd at the east wall of the Chancel, signed ‘Holland & Holt Stained Glass Works Warwick’.

Celtic Christianity interests me in how it embraces nature so I included a part of Psalm 24:1 ‘The Earth is the Lord’s‘ into the artwork.

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