My Vintage Knitting Pinterest site reaches over 7000 likes

VintageKnitting Pinerest Site

I’m excited because today the number of followers I have on my Pinterest site ‘VintageKnitting’ has gone over the 7000 mark. To date I have pinned over 9000 pins 🙂 I find spending time on Pinterest a great stress buster. I have 92 boards which cover a range of knitted related subjects. The intention of the site is for it to become a useful resource for people interested in knitting.

My one of my most popular board is ‘Vintage images of people knitting’ which has over 3000 followers.

VintageKnitting Pinterest board - 'IVintage images of people knitting'.

VintageKnitting Pinterest board – ‘Vintage images of people knitting’.

I realised that there are not many image of black people knitting so I created a board dedicated to that. Currently that has over 2500 followers. This board also shows image of black people wearing knitted and crochet items.

Vintage Black Knitting

Vintage Black Knitting

It also charts the representation of Black people through knitted racial stereotypes such as Gollys. Knitted racial stereotypes - Sambo the Golly

Knitted racial stereotypes – Sambo the Golly

Another popular and useful board with over 3000 followers is the Fairisle knitted pattern charts with 359 designs to inspire.

FAIRISLE Knitted pattern charts

FAIRISLE Knitted pattern charts

I am always pinning new things so check our VintageKnitting today.