No Pink Bags

2019,  machine knitted, acrylic
Size: 80 x  108 cm

To keep me sane I decided to knit a pink bag with a message to East Sussex County Council. After weeks of no pink recycling bags and being told by a member of staff at the town hall to go and buy some in Sainsbury’s! Even though the bin men said their company ‘Keir’ has pallets loads at the depot. I did mention to the lady who went to speak to her manager and came back and said I shouldn’t worry as the council is getting new bags printed. I said, “I hope not with all the cuts you are making why it’s a waste of money getting bags printed if ‘Keir’ has a supply?”

My knitted protest was seen by the local councilor and he promised to raise my concerns with the Council. A few days later pink bags were delivered – the power of art and knitting.

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