Project Description

 Size: Approx. : width 48” – Height 48”

Location: St Thomas à Becket church, Fairfield.

For Art in Romney Marsh 204, I created an  additional knitted window for St Thomas à Becket church based on ‘Changebell ringing patterns that reflect the church’s waterlogged past.

Change ringing is the art of ringing a set of bells in a series of mathematical patterns called “changes”, and differs from many other forms of campanology.
This form of ringing is popular in English churches. The bells are referred to by number, with the treble being number 1 and the other bells numbered by their pitch—2,3,4, etc.—sequentially down the scale.

The life-size knitted window reflects the view one might have seen prior to 1913; when the church was more often than not surrounded by water in the spring and winter.

The window was positioned on the wall behind the pulpit as shown in the photo opposite.

Each pane of the knitted window is made up off a series of horizontal blue stripes that follows the pattern of change bell ringing for three bells. (St Thomas à Becket has three working bells).


For this artwork I used the “changes” for six bells as described in ‘Tintinnalogia, Or, The Art Of Ringing’ by Richard Duckworth & Fabian Stedman – first published in 1668.

The title ‘Blue Line’ refers to the term used in campanology denoting

a graphical representation of a bell’s course from row to row.

knitting as a medium in celebration of the marsh’s long association with sheep farming and wool.

Photo by Passion 4