Project Description

Size 20″ x 32″

This is my knitted tribute to knitwear designer Kaffe Fassett, to mark his 50th year of being residence in the UK, and his massive contribution to the art of knitting.

In my opinion he brought a ‘purple patch’ (period of excellent performance – (ornate or elaborate section of  work) to the art of knitting. This is reflected in my use of colours for the portrait.

He was the first person that I had come across that approached knitting from the viewpoint of an artist/painter; viewing his knitting as a canvas. His use of colour in knitting was revolutionary and has made a lasting impact on me.

I never thought that I would have the privilege to meet him or knit for him. I count myself is very fortunate to have done both. He is not only a knitting history maker, but also a genuinely nice guy, and talented artist.