Project Description


Knitting Ain’t Wack was created for the summer ‘Identity’ project set by  The Royal College of Art where I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in Textiles (KNIT). This project had to be completed before starting the course. I took the opportunity to do something different than I would normally do.

This was the brief:

‘IDENTITY’:  Focus on something that inspires you personally and challenges your perception of Textiles.
Express this in any way you choose, for example, drawings, photographs, experiments, sketchbooks, short films, fabric samples, found objects, made objects.  

The important thing is that this should represent you and your viewpoint.  The more individual, the better.

The lyrics are an updated version of a traditional rhyme shown below used to teach children to knit.

In through the front door
Around the back
Out through the window
And off jumps jack.


I created the character Lorna HB who is a knitting, rapping MC. I’m keen to break down the stereotypes associated with who knits. The film features cameo appearances from knitwear designers,  Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett.

It was mostly shot on an iPhone SE and edited in Apple’s iMovie.

‘Knitting Ain’t Wack’ was selected for the Crafts Council’s 2017 ‘Real to Reel’ film festival.

Real to Reel, is the UK’s first festival dedicated to craft and the moving image, is presented by Crafts Council and Crafts Magazine in partnership with Picturehouse Central.

Art Direction – Lorna Hamilton-Brown
Sound Track – Indiana Hamilton-Brown
Video – Chris Hamilton-Brown
Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably filmed – Indiana Hamilton-Brown
Photography Chris and Lorna Hamilton-Brown
Film edited by Lorna Hamilton-Brown