Project Description

Size Aprox: Width 33″ – Height 50″

The stained glass windows in All Saints Church, Lydd, designed by Leonard Walker were the inspiration for my artwork. In the central panel are the words ‘To the Glory of God’. In fact these words appear in many different settings in this church.

The abbreviation ‘OMG’ (oh my God) and to a lesser extent ‘JC’ (Jesus Christ) are used to express surprise, embarrassment, excitement or disgust on social media, and when texting. Their use has become so ubiquitous that’s it’s practically meaningless. However to some their very usage in such ways is perceived as blasphemous.

My work explores if displaying these terms in the context of a church changes people’s perception of the phrases.

The knitted wall hangings are made of local Romney wool, from Aragon Farm in Sissinghurst. The colours of the yarn are associated with Romney Marsh. Holly Berry, Mallard Green, Anemone, Cosmos, Sunflower, Hellebore, Damselfly, Natural fleece and black with a hint of russet like the black on a sheep dog.

All Saints Church, Lydd and Romney Marsh has a long association with wool:

‘For with out doubt Lydd church was a “wool church”, like many of those in the Cotswolds,
Having been built out of the fortunes of those who made money during the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries when English wool had a limitless market.
Romney Marsh, Walter J.C . Murray – Robert Hale, London 1953.

Photos by Passion 4