Blue Line – Art in Romney MARSH AIRM 2014


 Size: Approx. : width 48” – Height 48”

Location: St Thomas à Becket church, Fairfield.

For Art in Romney Marsh 204, I created an  additional knitted window for St Thomas à Becket church based on ‘Change’ bell ringing patterns that reflect the church’s waterlogged past.

Change ringing is the art of ringing a set of bells in a series of mathematical patterns […]

Coco Carmel Knitted Cosy for Shreddies ‘Knitting Nanas’

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I was commissioned by Red Consultancy to design a knitted cosy for the knitting nana to knit for the launch of Nestle Coco Caramel Shreddies.

The brief was to design a cosy that could fit a cereal box. The method use to knit the cosy was intarsia.

Photo by Passion 4

Kaffe Fassett knitted portrait


Size 20″ x 32″

This is my knitted tribute to knitwear designer Kaffe Fassett, to mark his 50th year of being residence in the UK, and his massive contribution to the art of knitting.

In my opinion he brought a ‘purple patch’ (period of excellent performance – (ornate or elaborate section of  work) to the art of knitting. This […]

2 Faced Jumper – txt Exhibition, Claremont Studios 2013


The 2 Faced Jumper was shown at the txt exhibition held at the Claremont Studios, Hastings in 2013.

The exhibition: txt – what is the subtext when an artist includes text in their work? What relevance does the medium have to the reading of the words & what additional layers of meaning does it add to […]

Cheap as chips – Follow the Herring 2014

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I feel honoured to have been commissioned to design the front signage for the knitted fish and chip shop that was Hastings contribution to ‘Follow the Herring 2014’.

‘Follow The Herring’ is a touring exhibition featuring a life size boat covered in knitting (Coat a Boat), exhibition and play

The top section of this panel was created […]

‘On the Edge’ – book illustration


My illustrations appear on the front cover, and throughout Christine Kimberley’s book about the Mastery course, ‘On The Edge’. The book includes entries from Dan Fauci, Cheers’ Ted Danson, who was one of the first Mastery participants and subsequently became a teacher himself – and workshop leaders from around the world.

Photo by Passion 4