Symbolism, references and ideas – WE MEK

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WEK MEK square

Cite Black women

The figure is a homage to Angela Davis

9.25 is the time George Floyd was recorded as dead

Patois for 'We Make' - we are reclaiming language

In the History of Hand-made Lace it states that
this lace was made in Brazil by the negroes ...
and has no artistic merit.

Who gets to write our history?

The colours of the knitting relates to Ghanaian Kente
cloth. This celebrates the history of knitting's
links to Africa  - which is not often written about.

Seychellois crochet designer Helda Panagary
started a trend of writing recipes for Inside Crochet -
Let us share our culture

Intarsia knitting the method
depicted and used to create this artwork  -
Black knitters need to be shown
as competent knitters

A year on from the main online
discussion about the lack of
representation and racism in the crafting community

Inspiration taken from
James Barnor's photography
for DRUM magazine

We're taking control of our narrative

Learn to correctly pronounce our names

Colourism is still an issue

Square shape relates to
Instagram where much
of the conversations
about inequalities
in crafts took place

Comment on the social economic factors that post a barrier to many

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