Image of the artwork -Tangled web crochet artwork with water on it

Tangled web – a view of systemic racism​

2020,  crocheted nylon thread, Copper frame
Size: 8 x 8 cm

Background to artwork:

Since the murder of George Floyd, I have been thinking about how invasive racism is in various organizations including the police.  The phrase “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” –  seemed to sum up systemic racism. Here in the UK following Stephen Lawrence’s murder in 1993 by a group of white youths. Sir William Macpherson wrote his report making 70 recommendations designed to show “zero tolerance” for racism in society. They included measures not just to transform the attitude and practices of the police but how public bodies needed to respond and change. This is not a post about the police @johnboyega said it better than me.  Gatekeepers in the Arts and Craft sector are not addressing this issue – they choose year after year to be deaf and inactive and think that following the awful murder of George Floyd they can post a Black square on social media and start afresh with a clean slate – not be held accountable. Higher Education is complicit and some in the commercial sector – quick to take our money and not address the issue. Structural change is the only way things with change.

Recently when I was looking at a spider’s web and I noticed that they not symmetrical – this led me to create this #freeformcrochet artwork using invisible sewing thread. The yarn is so fine that I had to crochet using a magnifying lamp. I love how when the light catches the piece it has the same translucent qualities of a spider web. It took 6 hours of work to make.


A big thank you to @floppyflora for suggesting I spray water on this piece – to replicate the dew you see on cobwebs in the morning. She mentioned it could be tears. I really love the jewel-like quality the water adds – for me it is the tears that have been shed and are still being shed over the effects of systemic racism.

Close up of Tangled web

Techniques used:

The tangled web was created by crocheting invisible sewing thread around a copper frame. The stitches produced are tiny so I needed to use a magnifying lamp. The frame was with copper tubes and spot welded together.

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