Munya Chawawa knitted portrait

Munya Chawawa Knitted head

Size: 8cm x 12 cm Materials: Acrylic, Wool and Cotton For the second in my ‘Black Heads’ series ( Stormzy h.i.t.h. being the first) I have chosen Munya Chawawa. For those of you who haven’t heard of him Munya is a British Zimbabwean comedian. He makes comedy sketches and parody videos. He is a co-host … Read more

Stormzy knitted h.i.t.h

Knitting Stormzy h.i.t.h

2021, Wool, acrylic & cotton Size in cube:  127 mm x 127 mm x 127 mm Background to Stormzy h.i.t.h. : The grime artist Michael Omari aka Stormzy has always inspired me. I love that he has never let anything stop him from pursuing his dreams. If he is  not given a seat at the … Read more

My 1st year at the Royal College of Art in pictures

1 of 10 my 1st year at RCA in images.

They say a picture paints a thousand words.  This is a pictorial record of my first year of study on the Knitted textiles MA at the Royal College of Art.