Crest of the wave - crochet hairpin lace

Crest of the Wave

2020, crocheted nylon thread, glass beads, and Lurex
Size: 40 x 19 x 9 cm

Background to the artwork:

This freeform crochet artwork was inspired by the sea. During the one-hour lockdown exercise periods. I would walk to the sea by Rock-a-Nore in Hastings, East Sussex. I was fascinated by the jewel-like qualities of the waves and thought hairpin lace crochet could be used to recapture what I saw and felt. Hairpin lace is known by various name Turkish firkete, Staple Work, Fork Work, and Maltese Lace. I own serval vintage ‘U’ hairpin lace forks and modern frames. Lockdown seemed like an ideal time to learn this new to me technique.


Close up detail of hairpin lace crochet with nylon thread

close-up of crochet hairpin lace with nylon thread and white beads
Hairpin lace with nylon thread and white beads

Technically it was very challenging to create this piece due to the fineness of the yarns and the way they behave. There was no pattern or plan – I just went with the flow and how I was feeling on any particular day. The process of making the piece was very slow and labour intensive. I found that it was very difficult to view the work. Follow a request on Instagram to buy me a coffee via ko-fi I received enough money to buy a Daylight D25030 Slimline LED Magnifying Lamp. I thank my followers for their generous support during this difficult time of working in a pandemic. The lamp has enabled me to work in more detail and to see the work clearly.

I used the making process as a kind of therapy.  I worked like I do when I’m doing abstract painting – I let the work take the direction it wants. I incorporated beads as they reminded me of the small droplets that spew out from the waves.


Hairpin lace in Lurex, nylon thread and glass beads captures the feel of the waves

Hairpin lace with nylon thread, lurex and glass beads
Hairpin lace with nylon thread, lurex, and glass beads

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