My art work ‘Cheap as Chips‘ is a tribute to Ernie ‘Oxo’ Richardson and his ‘Wonders of the Deep‘ barrow.

Oxo the fisherman was a well-known local character in Hastings. He could be seen in Hastings Old Town, on special days and holidays with his ‘Wonders of the Deep’ old costermonger’s barrow. He used this to educate people about fish. Famed for putting lip-stick on Dover sole and placing a cigarette in its mouth; a dogfish on a dog lead and other antics in aid of teaching people about fish.

Tush Hamilton, who with his wife makes the famous Tush and Pat fish rolls realised that I had chosen burgundy as the base colour for my artwork  as it matches the lettering on the original ‘Wonders of the Deep’ barrow. Tush and Pat said they were delighted that I had chosen to honour Oxo, and gave my artwork their approval which meant a lot to me.  Tush and Pat have given Hastings their own tribute to Oxo, a bench in Rock-A-Nore.

Bench in honour Ernie 'Oxo' Richardson

Bench in honour of Ernie ‘Oxo’ Richardson

As the panel was going to be hung on the side of an old fashioned bathing hut I wanted it to be robust. I knitted it on a Passap E6000 domestic knitting machine using the double jacquard technique. The panel was created in two pieces that were hand sewn together.